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21015 C 25 mm Dia. Sputtered Enhanced Silver Reflective Mirror Enhanced SilverOpticsMirrorMetallic MirrorChromaUVFSCircular
21015 R 26 mm x 38 mm Sputtered Enhanced Silver Reflective Mirror Enhanced SilverOpticsMirrorMetallic MirrorChromaUVFSRectangular
21004 C 25 mm Dia. Fully Reflective MirrorOpticsMirrorMetallic MirrorChromaUVFSCircular
21004 R 26 mm x 38 mm Fully Reflective MirrorOpticsMirrorMetallic MirrorChromaUVFSRectangular
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Optical mirrors are essential components in various applications across industries, crucial for precise light redirection. With the aid of advanced simulation tools like 3DOptix, engineers, and researchers can design and optimize optical systems with unparalleled precision, including all mirrors available in the catalog. Mirrors with metallic coatings offer high reflectivity across a broad spectral range, making them suitable for applications requiring wide-band reflectivity. Conversely, mirrors coated with broadband dielectric coatings provide enhanced performance within a narrower spectral range. These coatings play a pivotal role in tailoring the spectral response of optical systems, allowing for optimized performance in specific wavelength regions. Whether in astronomy, telecommunications, or laser technology, optical mirrors, combined with advanced simulation capabilities in 3DOptix, continue to drive innovation and advancement in optical engineering and research.