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Our Vision

3DOptix is changing the optical design process and revolutionizing the "optical system" simulation by harnessing the GPU cloud power with embedded 3D and CAD capabilities For the first time, any optical designer can easily access an advanced optical simulation software and explore the first public optical designs Warehouse for different optical starting points. This is where our active community of optical designers are sharing and collaborating on their optical designs and simulations


3DOptix was founded by three visionaries determined to push the boundaries of optical simulation and innovate in a way that would do some good in the world.

We are based in Rehovot, Israel


In stark contrast to traditional optical design and simulation software, 3DOptix offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based, non-sequential, ray tracing optical system simulation software.

3DOptix includes a suite of discovery tools, such as off-the-shelf optical element search, Filter finder tool, and drawing/media capabilities. The modern UI/UX design allows for a steep learning curve catering to both experienced optical designers and novices. 3DOptix novelty GPU and Cloud based ray tracing engine can trace billions of rays/sec, faster than any other simulation software on the market .our easy-to-use software enables any 3DOptix user to easily design simple or complex optical systems and make smarter decisions based on real data


3DOptix works
only on desktop!

Please go to 3doptix.com on a
desktop device, using the
Chrome or Edge browser

Available on January 30th, 2023