Optical Design Software

Q & A

Optical Design software provides an optical designer with a set of tools to evaluate and test the performance of an optical system or apparatus.
  • Zemax 
  • 3DOptix
  • Synopsys 
  • Lumerical
  • Comsol
  • Lambda Research Corporation
  • Reduced trial and error process 
  • Save time and money in optical apparatus developments
  • Increases productivity
  • Higher Optical design quality
  • Reuse and easily change existing Optical designs
  • Simplified in Sharing designs
  • Optical simulation solves real-world problems quickly, safely, and efficiently. The simulation provides an important method to analyze complex optical systems and save time and money when one moves to the implementation phase.
  • Yes.  3DOptix has free online optical design software. One  can access the tool at www.3doptix.com
  • Yes.  3DOptix has free online cloud-based optical design software. One can access the tool at www.3doptix.com
Go to www.3doptix.com, and Press the “Get Started” button on the website. Comlete the registration process and start your optical desgin.
  • Build an optical setup
  • Use off-the-shelf Optical elements or create customized ones
  • Import any CAD file
  • Use the 3DOptix off-the-shelf optomechanical directory or import any customized CAD part
  • Run Geometrical/Ray tracing optics simulation
  • Analyze the design with the 3DOptix analysis portal
  • Print and Share the design
  • An Amazing 2D sketch creation tool
  • Compare Pricing


Free Online, Cloud-based, no need to install Ease of use Embedded Optomechanics Database Embedded Optics DataBase
3DOptix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zemax No No No No Yes
Lumerical No No No No No
Comsol No No No No No
Lambda Research Corporation No No No No No


Lambda Research Corporation

3DOptix works
only on desktop!

Please go to 3doptix.com on a
desktop device, using the
Chrome or Edge browser

Available on January 30th, 2023