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Finish Coated
Type of Optics
Type of Movement
Key Feature
Cage Size
Compatible Mount
Internally Threaded Mounts
Outer Diameter
Inner Diameter
Rod Diameter
Dimension 1
Dimension 2
Total Length
Extension Length
NameCategoryTypeSubtypeBrandMaterialMountingFinish CoatedType of OpticsType of MovementKey FeatureUnitsCage SizeCompatible MountInternally Threaded MountsOuter DiameterInner DiameterRod DiameterDimension 1Dimension 2WeightTotal LengthExtension Length
OC1-CMOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeMKS/NewportAluminumMounting Cube
85-624OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeEdmund OpticsAluminumBlack AnodizedRectangularCage Sphere30 mm50.8 mm
85-591OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeEdmund OpticsAluminumBlack AnodizedRectangularStandard System Tube Sphere30 mm
C30-CB-H25_4OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeOptoSigmaAluminumMounting Cube30 mm6 mm0.05 kg
C60-CB-H50_8OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeOptoSigmaAluminumM3Mounting Cube6- mm6 mm
C4WOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminumBlack Anodized30 mmSM1
C6WROptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminumBlack AnodizedCircularThrough HolesImperial30 mmSM1
DFM1RMOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Right Turning30 mm
DFM1BOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube BaseImperial30 mm
DFM1B_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6Cage Cube BaseMetric30 mm
DFM1BSOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20BeamsplitterImperial30 mm
DFM2RMOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Beam Turning Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Right TurningImperial6- mm
DFM2RM_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6Beam Turning Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Right TurningMetric6- mm
DFM2BOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube BaseImperial6- mm
DFM2T2OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsCage Cube Insert for Right-Angle Prisms6- mm
LC6WOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminum8-326- mm
OC1-CM-AOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeMKS/NewportAluminumAdjustable Cube Mount
85-515OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeEdmund OpticsAluminumBlack AnodizedRectangularCompact System Tube Sphere25 mm
C16-CB-H12_7OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeOptoSigmaAluminumMounting Cube16 mm4 mm0.01 kg
SC6WOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminumBlack Anodized16 mm
CCM1-4EROptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs8-32RectangularCompact Clamping 4-PortImperial30 mm
CCM1-4ER_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM4RectangularCompact Clamping 4-PortMetric30 mm
CM1-DCHOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminum8-32RectangularCage Cube with Dichroic Filter MountImperial30 mm
CM1-DCH_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsAluminumM4RectangularCage Cube with Dichroic Filter MountMetric30 mm
DFM1LMOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Left Turning30 mm
DFM1RM_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Right Turning30 mm
DFM1LM_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6Cage Cube for Right-Angle Prism Mirror, Left Turning30 mm
DFM1T2OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube Insert for Right-Angle Optics, Right Turning30 mm
DFM1T4OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube Insert for Right-Angle Optics, Left Turning30 mm
DFM1BS_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6BeamsplitterMetric30 mm
DFM1T5OptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabs1/4-20Cage Cube Insert, Beamsplitter30 mm
DFM2B_MOptomechanicsCage ConstructionCage CubeThorlabsM6Cage Cube BaseMetric6- mm
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Use 3D models of cage constructions in your simulation

Optomechanical cage construction components play a pivotal role in the assembly of sophisticated optical systems, offering a flexible and modular framework for precise alignment and integration of optical elements. With the integration of advanced optical simulation capabilities like 3DOptix, engineers, and researchers can visualize optomechanical cage components in 3D, streamlining the design and optimization process. Our catalog boasts a diverse array of cage construction components, including cage adaptors, cage cubes, cage rods, cage system covers, cage system mountings, and more. Cage adaptors facilitate the connection and adaptation of different components within the cage system, ensuring compatibility and versatility. Cage cubes provide sturdy and stable platforms for mounting optical elements, allowing for secure positioning and alignment. Cage rods serve as structural supports, enabling the construction of multi-tiered optical setups with ease. Cage system covers offer protection and containment, safeguarding delicate optical components from external factors. Cage system mountings provide secure attachment points for the entire cage assembly, ensuring stability and reliability. With such a comprehensive selection and the ability to visualize cage components in 3D using 3DOptix, our optical solutions empower researchers and engineers to design and assemble intricate optical systems with precision and efficiency.