Cage Optical Systems in 3DOptix

Cage Optical Systems in 3DOptix

Cage optical systems, also known as cage systems, are a type of modular optical setup used in scientific research and experimentation. They provide a versatile and flexible platform for constructing and integrating optical components such as lenses, mirrors, filters, and detectors. The cage system consists of a series of rods, connectors, and mounts that allow precise positioning and alignment of the optical elements. The modular nature of cage systems enables researchers to quickly assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure optical setups, making them ideal for prototyping, testing, and exploring different experimental configurations. By using cage optical systems, researchers can easily accurate create custom optical setups tailored to their specific needs, facilitating advancements in various fields, including microscopy and spectroscopy in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

3DOptix cloud-based simulation tool catalog represents a wide range of optical cage components from various vendors. Here we present an example simulation of light propagation through a set of optical elements embedded in cage-based optomechanics (See Fig. 1). On the left side of the panel, one can find various optical cage elements. Each cage-based optomechanical part hosts the relevant optical elements’s geometry and sizes. Moreover, the cage rods length can be changed according to the designer’s needs once the cage part is chosen. The rod lengths, which are highlighted in light blue, can be defined in the CAGE SETTING window on the right side toolbar.

Figure 1: Optical cage system elements.
The design that is shown in Fig. 1 can be uploaded from the 3DOptix’s warehouse or by uploading the Cage System Microscope.opt file.

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