Version 1.0, Genesis, is now available.

Software Tutorial

Genesis intro

General intro to 3DOptix design & simulation software



Lesson 1 - Basic tutorial

In this 3DOptix basic tutorial, we are going to review the primary function of the software.

We will learn how to add an off-the-shelf optical element or an optomechanical mount to the 3D Layout view.

You will also learn how to add a customize light source

And finally, we will explore the analysis portal.

Lesson 2 - 3D layout

Lesson 3 - User Settings

Lesson 4 - Adding A Light Source

Lesson 5 - Adding Catalog Optics

Lesson 6 - Creating Files


3DOptix works
only on desktop!

Please go to on a
desktop device, using the
Chrome or Edge browser

Available on January 30th, 2023