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Optical Schematic Drawing Tool

Make life easier when writing scientific or technical papers: Introducing the brand new 3DOptix Optical Schematic Drawing Tool
From now on, there is no need to draw optical schemes in PowerPoint or other complex software tools. 3DOptix is proud to introduce the 3DOptix Optical Schematic Drawing Tool!
The new tool generates amazing Optical drawings for your scientific or technical papers.
Open the 3DOptix Design & Simulation software. Choose the optical elements. Run our novel 3D simulation. Open the new optical schematic tool to make it look like a regular 2D drawing for your paper. Add text and generate a beautiful high definition picture. 
The 3DOptix Optical Schematic Drawing tool is now an integral part of the 3DOptix software suite and is available for all users FOR FREE!

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Available on January 30th, 2023