Version 1.0, Genesis, is now available.

What is 3DOptix?

The fastest, most intuitive, non-sequential, ray tracing, cloud-based, optical system simulation software.

3DOptix’s innovative GPU and cloud-based ray tracing engine can trace billions of rays per second, faster than any other simulation software on the market.

Our easy-to-use application enables you to easily design both simple and complex optical systems and make smart decisions based on real data.

3DOptix Warehouse is the first ever cloud-based workspace for sharing optical designs. With numerous designs available, the 3DOptix Warehouse offers engineers an unparalleled resource for exploring new ideas, discovering innovative solutions, and finding great starting points for their own designs.

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Discover optical designs. Get inspired.
All with the world’s largest library of optical design models 

3DOptix Warehouse is the first optical design community for sharing and downloading 3D optical designs. There are thousands of models at your fingertips, so come and join us. Start sharing your work and find any optical design you can imagine.

Optical design

How does it work?


Upload any STEP file or use our built-in off-the-shelf Optomechanical library


Generate or upload optics, or use our built-in off-the-shelf optical library


Verify your design with 3DOptix's enhanced optical simulation engine and analysis suite

Release Notes

3DOptix has launched a new software version, Genesis, 3DOptix v1.0

As this is a major release, the new version name is Genesis, 3DOptix v1.0, with greatly enhanced capabilities.

The  previous version of 3DOptix will remain available to existing users until May 15^{th}, 2023.

The new 3DOptix release is not compatible with the previous version, as it has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that you will have to rebuild any existing setups from scratch. To assist you with the transition,  the previous version will remain accessible until May 15^{th}, 2023.


3DOptix works
only on desktop!

Please go to on a
desktop device, using the
Chrome or Edge browser

Available on January 30th, 2023